Love & Hip Hop Atlanta (2023)

Episode 1

The New Normal

Mon, Jul 5, 2021 60 mins

Rasheeda and Kirk's children interrupt their alone time. Sierra finds closure with BK. Yandy and Mendeecees balance work and family after their move to Atlanta.

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Episode 2

Good Trouble

Mon, Jul 12, 2021 60 mins

Rasheeda and Kirk lay down the law with their kids to save their family's financial future. Omeretta The Great faces the music over a diss track she wrote about her mother. Erica gets unexpected news about her future with Safaree. Yandy, Mendeecees, Joc, and Karlie Redd join Tamika Mallory in Louisville for a rally in honor of Breonna Taylor.

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Episode 3

Oh, Baby!

Mon, Jul 19, 2021 60 mins

Yandy struggles to move forward with her foster daughter, Infinity. Yung Baby Tate mixes business and pleasure in Los Angeles. Karlie Redd finds new love, and Erica Mena reveals life changing news to Safaree.

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Episode 4

Blast From The Past

Mon, Jul 26, 2021 60 mins

A surprise visit from Yandy's foster daughter, Infinity, leaves Yandy and Mendeecees on guard. Tate airs out her issues with Guapdad 4000. Rasheeda confronts her estranged older sister, and Erica Mena reveals the gender of her baby.

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Episode 5

A Ruff Road

Mon, Aug 2, 2021 60 mins

The passing of legendary rapper DMX sends Kirk and Safaree to New York to pay homage to the rap superstar while facing some of their own family issues. Renni Rucci balances a budding music career and life as a single mom. Omeretta The Great attempts to find common ground with her mother, while Sierra uncovers a recent rift between her and her younger sisters.

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Episode 6

Shape Up or Ship Out

Mon, Aug 9, 2021 60 mins

Karlie opens up about her daughter's past. Safaree and Erica work toward resolution.

(Video) Brooke Valentine Once Said.. 💬 Love & Hip Hop

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Episode 7

See You At The Crossroads

Mon, Aug 16, 2021 60 mins

Joc finds it challenging to find common ground with Amoni, his son. Omeretta is hoping for a breakthrough with her mother.

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Episode 8

Excess Baggage

Mon, Aug 23, 2021 60 mins

A robbery back in Atlanta puts Safaree and Erica's relationship on thin ice. Joc's attempts at peace only fan the flames between him and his son, Amoni. Yung Baby Tate takes control of her love life. The cast departs for Dubai to celebrate Yandy and Mendeecees' vow renewal.

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Episode 9

Mama Drama

Mon, Aug 30, 2021 60 mins

Judy sends Momma Dee to question the validity and legality of Yandy and Mendeecees' vow renewal. When Jasmine brings her boyfriend to Dubai, Karlie is now the one who feels neglected. Rasheeda takes a pregnancy test. Sierra wishes for a life-changing birthday gift. Renni Rucci welcomes her children home for the summer and learns some shocking news about her mom.

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Episode 10

For Better Or For Worse

Mon, Sep 6, 2021 60 mins

Judy attempts to get back into Yandy and Mendeecee's good graces, and points the finger at Momma Dee. Karlie and Jasmine remain at odds. Eric asks Sierra an important question. Back in Atlanta, Erica suffers a pregnancy complication.

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Episode 11

Face The Music

Mon, Sep 13, 2021 60 mins

Spice declares she's single as she navigates the rocky relationship between her and Jbudd. Safaree takes the next step in his divorce from Erica Mena, while Scrappy contends with rumors that Bambi has sought out her own divorce attorney. Tate takes her career and her personal life into her own hands, and Renni comes face to face with her mom.

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Episode 12

Old Wounds

Mon, Sep 20, 2021 60 mins

(Video) Story Time SUPER COMPILATION 👀😮 Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

The cast grows concerned for Scrappy's mental health. Erica Mena exposes Safaree's extramarital activities. Momma Dee confronts Bambi about divorce rumors. Joc and his son seek counseling, and issues at Frost Bistro resurface for Kirk and Rasheeda.

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Episode 13

Family Over Everything

Mon, Sep 27, 2021 60 mins

Frost family tension erupts into chaos. Scrappy attempts to repair his marriage and the relationship between Bambi & Momma Dee. Spice gives Jbudd another chance. Karlie celebrates her daughter's graduation, and the men of Love and Hip Hop come together to support one another.

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Episode 14

Get Off My Joc

Mon, Aug 8, 2022 60 mins

As Renni starts her honeymoon period as a newly engaged woman, Sierra realizes hers has come to an end. Joc and Kendra plan to walk down the aisle. Spice's album hits #1, but her friend Meda hits her with some news.

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Episode 15

Taste Of Your Own Meda-cine

Mon, Aug 15, 2022 60 mins

After Meda's revelation at Spice's dinner, Sierra wrestles with whether or not to tell Kendra. Rasheeda's daddy issues resurface when he plans an unexpected visit. Joc & Kendra realize that dragging their feet to the alter may have caused more problems than they can handle.

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Episode 16

I Do, Do You?

Mon, Aug 22, 2022 60 mins

Renni's world crashes down after getting some troubling news. Meanwhile, Erica discusses what the future looks like for her & Safaree, and with the wedding rapidly approaching, Kendra struggles to keep everything on track.

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Episode 17

Heirs To The Throne

Mon, Aug 29, 2022 60 mins

Rumors about Joc alleged cheating; Momma Dee talks to Bambi; Renni and Sir Malcolm share about their fears about their mother; Karlie and Spice argue over their song.

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Episode 18

(Video) Best of Love & Hip Hop Feuds 😤💥

Baby Bump In The Road

Mon, Sep 5, 2022 60 mins

Karlie steps back into the music scene, but a premature release party might keep her spicy new song off the charts. Sierra and Eric's relaxing trip to New York takes a turn and leaves Sierra's Mom and her relationship needing some rehab. Kendra finds out the honeymoon is over when Bambi and Erica reveal Meda isn't the only skeleton in Joc's closet.

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Episode 19

Graci Under Fire

Mon, Sep 12, 2022 60 mins

Sierra finds herself feeling home alone after the robbery. Spice's Graci Noir fashion show debut is a runway success, but Shekinah makes a mess when she puts Meda in the line of fire. And the fallout from the fashion show shines doubt on Kendra's intentions. With their divorce coming to a close, the reality of his newly single life finally starts to hit Safaree.

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Episode 20

Heart Of The Matter

Mon, Sep 19, 2022 60 mins

With Samantha in the ATL, Mendeecees tries to mend her and Yandy's relationship. Joc and Kendra get some spiritual guidance. Eric tries to get out of the dog house with Sierra. Renni continues to hold her family down.

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Episode 21

Who's Your Daddy?

Mon, Sep 26, 2022 60 mins

Sierra's post-engagement bliss quickly becomes a case of cold feet. Meanwhile, Safaree questions his son's legendary looks, and Rasheeda's daddy issues come to a head when Harold makes a surprise visit.

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Episode 22

Carpe DM'd

Mon, Oct 3, 2022 60 mins

Rasheeda and her dad find common ground at the family estate. Scrappy realizes that getting his mom and Bambi on the same page will be like pulling teeth. Joc and Kendra come face-to-face with Meda.

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Episode 23

Salty Spice

Mon, Oct 10, 2022 60 mins

Joc deals with the fallout of Spice's meddling; Momma Dee's Shay-dy post causes even more chaos; Meda throws Spice a pre-Grammy party; Shekinah takes to the stage with a surprise that has Safaree looking for the exit sign.

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Episode 24

Show-Down Girls

Mon, Oct 17, 2022 60 mins

Mendeecees tries to bring his blended family together. The crew heads to Vegas for Grammy week, but Karlie's video shoot has Erica all riled up when Safaree gets rubbed down. Momma Dee spills the tea about Scrappy's marriage.

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(Video) Love & Hip Hop: New York Season 11 Episode 1 Where Are They Now? March 8, 2023 Full Episode 1080HD

Episode 25

Thirsty Thots

Mon, Oct 24, 2022 60 mins

Momma Dee's latest drama leaves Scrappy dead on arrival. Yandy takes a gamble meeting with Samantha & Kisha. Erica calls Karlie's bluff at brunch, but goes all in when she finds out Safaree isn't riding solo in Vegas.

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Episode 26

Tears & Loathing In Las Vegas

Mon, Oct 31, 2022 60 mins

Tears turn to gasps when Safaree brings an uninvited guest to Shekinah's Crying Tour. Scrappy & Bambi try to meet in the middle on Momma Dee. Karlie's surprise pool party makes some waves and sinks her and Sierra's friendship for good. The Vegas vacation turns into an interrogation for Safaree when the girls grill him for being present with his new boo while being absent at home.

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Episode 27

No Scrapp Left Behind

Mon, Nov 7, 2022 60 mins

Grammy night has arrived and Spice's nerves are on TEN. Meanwhile, Scrappy has the palace under siege when he finally confronts Momma Dee about her meddling, and Erica's divorce saga is finally over.

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Episode 28

Reunion Part 1

Mon, Nov 14, 2022 60 mins

ATL royalty is back to address everything from this season. Erica opens up about her divorce with Safaree, Scrappy speaks to Momma Dee for the first time in months, and Joc has some explaining to do.

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Episode 29

Reunion Part 2

Mon, Nov 21, 2022 60 mins

Kendra finds out the truth about the rumors on Joc's infidelity; Shekinah doubts Karlie's success; Rasheeda thinks she has enough of Harold's false promises.

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