Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (2023)

Choosing a hotel in the Marais Paris neighborhood lets you experience first-hand the most charming part of the historic city center.

Spared by Baron Haussmann's 19th century modernization efforts, the Marais retains its narrow winding lanes, medieval architecture, and 17thcentury "hotel particulier" mansions.

Today, these centuries-old buildings house charming bistros and hip bars, art galleries and specialty museums, and, best of all for Paris visitors, unique designer hotels.

Choosing a Marais hotel for your stay in Paris puts you withineasy walking distance of the Picasso Museum, Carnavalet Museum, the beautiful Place des Vosges park, and the city's best falafel on Rue des Rosiers in the historic Jewish Pletzl district.

Because of the Marais'central location, you're also close to other top Paris attractions such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Sainte-Chapelle, and the Louvre Museum, and just a short metro ride away from everywhere else.

Our recommendations for the best hotels in the Marais include charming 3-, 4- and 5-star boutique hotels and even a luxury B&B.

Top photo:Hotel du Petit Moulin, located in a former bakery in the Upper Marais Paris district- Photo courtesy of Hotel du Petit Moulin

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Where to Stay in the MaraisDistrict of Paris

Hotel de JoBo ("Josephine Bonaparte") ★★★

Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (1)

10 Rue d'Ormesson, 4th Arrondissement

The 24 guest rooms and suites of 4-star Hotel de JoBo feature luxurious linens and sumptuous, jewel-box decor laced with tributes to Josephine Bonaparte, the Empress of France during her marriage to Napoleon I.

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Located close to Place des Vosges and surrounded by bistros and boutiques, JoBo specializes in delivering personalized service by its gracious staff. Behind its charming courtyard, you'll discover a comfortable cocoon where you can unwind during your Paris visit.Enjoy afternoon refreshments in the comfortable tea room or a cocktail there in the evening.

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Le Pavillon de la Reine & Spa ★★★★

Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (2)

28 Place des Vosges, 3rd arrondissement

Sumptuous furnishings, attentive service, and an ideal location across from Place des Vosges, considered by many to be the most beautiful square in Paris, make the luxurious 5-star Le Pavillon de la Reine a top choice in the Marais for many travelers. The family-owned hotel occupies an ivy-covered 17th century building, and each of its 56 guestrooms and suites (including a 2-bedroom apartment) features unique decor ranging in style from classical to contemporary. You'll also enjoy the fitness room, hammam, and spa.

What many guests love the most, though, is the large private terrace in front of the hotel. The secluded grassy expanse will make you feel as though you're staying in a country manor in the heart of Paris.

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Hotel Sookie ★★★★

Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (3)

2 bis Rue Commines, 3rd arrondissement

Stone walls, wooden beams, interesting eco-friendly fabrics, and vintage finds give the new 4-star Hotel Sookie's 31 rooms and suites a "home away from home" vibe while still feeling chic and fresh. The hotel's all-day coffee shop, also open to the public, extends the warm feeling and gives you a perfect people-watching spot. Come in for a croissant and café crème, and relaxto jazz, funk, and soul tunes from the cafe's vintage vinyl collection and turntable including American jazz guitarist Grant Green's 1970 hit, "Sookie, Sookie," inspiration for the hotel's name.

The hotel's location on a quiet street in the Upper Marais puts you within easy reach of some of the neighborhoods best galleries andacclaimed bistros, plus you're just a short walk from the city's oldest covered market, Marché des Enfants Rouge, the Picasso Museum, acclaimed boutiques such as concept store Merci, and the nightlife in the trendy Oberkampf district.

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More about the Marais

Have younoticed that some of the hotels highlighted in this article have addresses in Paris's 3rd arrondissement, and some in the 4th?

That's because the Marais neighborhood covers partof both districts. Haut Marais (Upper Marais) refers to the portion in the 3rd, which tends to be much quieter compared with the more commercial part of the Marais in the 4th.

Many people consider the Marais to be the city's trendiest neighborhood, and one of the best places to stay for first-time Paris visitors.

More about where to stay on your first trip to Paris: recommended neighborhoods

Hotel Jules & Jim ★★★

Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (4)

11 Rue des Gravilliers, 3rd Arrondissement

With only 23 guest rooms and a devoted fan base, you'll usually need to book early to get reservations at Hotel Jules & Jim, a 4-star favorite in the Upper Marais. A intimate bar, lovely secluded courtyard, air conditioning, an arty yet romantic ambiance, top-notch gym, and sleek furnishings will make you almost feel as though you're staying in a private home. For a very special treat, reserve aguest room with a balcony.

You'll also love the hotel's superb Upper Marais location, surrounded by museums, wonderful bistros, the appealing Enfants Rouge covered market, and chic shops.

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Hôtel 9ConfidentielParis ★★★★★

Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (5)

58 Rue du Roi de Sicile, 4th arrondissement

Vintage candy jars inspired Philippe Starck's Deco designs for 9Hôtel Confidentiel's 26 guest rooms and 3 luxurious suites - perfect motif for the glamorous 1920s moderne vibe that greets you as soon as you enter the plush lobby of this new and glitzy 5-star boutique hotel in Paris's chic but historic Marais neighborhood.

You'll also love the excellent service, super-comfortable beds, big-screen televisions, and wonderful location.

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Elevators and Air Conditioning in Marais Hotels

Can you assume that most hotels in le Marais have elevators as well as air conditioning in the guest rooms?

If a hotel has four stars, then yes, because the 4-star rating is given only to hotels that have both (as well as meet numerous other criteria.

For 3-star hotels and below, air conditioning is not required. Although most 3-star Paris hotels do have itfor competitive reasons, but there are exceptions.You also can't assume a 2-star and lower hotel will have an elevator to all (or any, for 1-starproperties) floors.

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In the Marais, some hotels as well as many other types of accommodation such as apartments and B&Bs are inhistorical buildings where structural constraints or historical regulations make elevators or air conditioning not possible.

More what Paris hotel star ratings can tell you

Hotel du Petit Moulin ★★★★

Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (6)

29/31 Rue de Poitou, 3rd Arrondissement

French fashion designer Christian Lacroix designed the fabulous over-the-top interiors at the luxurious 4-star Hotel du Petit Moulin in the trendy Haut Marais neighborhood, and once you experience the immersive effect of staying in one of the fantastical 17 guest rooms (including one suite), this may become your new home in Paris. The hotel occupies the site of the first bakery in Paris where Victor Hugo used to buy his baguettes back in the 1700s, and the original boulangerie window design remains in place, protected by French Heritage laws.

In addition to the hotel's super-comfy guest rooms, you'll enjoy the hotel's honesty bar and free use of the spa, fitness room, and complimentary bikes at nearby sister hotel, Pavillon de la Reine.

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Assia & Nathalie Luxury B&B

Best Hotels in the Marais Paris Neighborhood (7)

16 Rue du Parc Royal, 3rd Arrondissement

Located in a private wing of a modern apartment behind a gorgeous 18th century private mansion called Hôtel de Bonneval, the two spacious guest rooms with en suite bathrooms (one with a shower, and the other with a jacuzzi) at Assia & Nathalie Luxury B&B overlook serene gardens and greenery hidden from the street. Reserve just one room, or privatize the entire space by renting both for a family visit to Paris.

The hosts offer a lovely breakfast (included in the rates) aswell as concierge services to help you have a wonderful stay in Paris.

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More Places to Stay in the Marais

  • Hotel Dupond-Smith (2 Rue des Guillemites, 4th arr) - With only 8 guestrooms and suites, this elegant 5-star hotel feels more like a private club with modern but classic decor, attentive service, and some rooms with balconies
  • Hotel 1K Paris (13 Boulevarde du Temple, 3rd arr) - Although the 48 guestrooms in this 4-star hotel feature soothing modern/minimal decor, the onsite Peruvian restaurant bar and tucked away speakeasy vibrate with exciting colors and patterns. You'll also appreciate the onsite fitness room
  • Les Tournelles (30 Rue de Turenne, 3rd arr) - This elegant 3-star hotel occupies a 17th century building close to Place des Vosges. The 24 guestrooms feature classic decor in soothing jewel tones
  • Hotel Caron (3 Rue Caron, 4th arr) - This serene 3-star hotel on a quiet but centrally-located street offers an elevator, 18 air-conditioned guest rooms (some with balconies), modern decor, and personalized service
  • Hotel Les Bains (7 Rue du Bourg l'Abbé, 3rd arr) - Although the 5-star luxury boutique Les Bains hotel offers 39 beautifully-furnished guest rooms and suites, it encompasses much more: a legendary bar and nightclub, a spa, an acclaimed restaurant, and even a concept store
  • Villa Beaumarchais (5 rue des Arquebusiers, 3rd arr) - This 4-star hotel near the Carnavalet Museum features 50 guest rooms with classic French decor overlookingalovely atrium garden - a calm oasis in the middle of the lively Marais neighborhood
  • Hotel Temple de Jeanne (125 Rue Saint Antoine, 4th arr) - This charming 2-star hotel comprised of two adjoining townhouses located conveniently close to a metro station on a main street features excellent sound-proofing, attractive decor, en suite bathrooms, and air conditioning in the 17 guestrooms, including a couple with a balcony or rooftop terrace.An elevator provides service to the first 4 floors, with a spiral staircase to floors 5 and 6

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